Shiny Showgirls of Las Vegas

You haven’t seen modern Las Vegas if you haven’t seen The Attitude Girls®. Provocative, edgy and exuding tasteful sex appeal, The Attitude Girls® will transform an event from mild to wild. Wrapped in ultra-shiny latex compression suits, the Attitude Girls® are the epitome’ of feminine allure. These sleek and sexy dancers use a combination of mime, vogue art and fashion freeze model to entertain and captivate audiences and attendees alike.


6 thoughts on “Shiny Showgirls of Las Vegas

  1. I used to love the attitude girls on Fremont street back in the early double otts. I learned a lot about Vegas since. Now i’d wonder how many of them were strippers that worked the parking lot on the side, throws a wet blanket on things, once you get what’s going on.

  2. Stop wondering–it will get you in trouble. Under no circumstances has any Attitude Girl worked as a stripper, although you may occasionally see one of them in a top Vegas show in a real showroom.

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